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February 19, 2014 – 09:54 pm

Shaped in pregnancy

With exercise, mother and baby control the weight and ensure better health



Among all the changes that happen in the lives of women in pregnancy, one of the largest in the body. To prevent these bodily changes are permanent and to maintain health in the day, you can not be stopped: the physical exercise should be part of the routine of the expectant mother, but always respecting the limitations period, and professional supervision. Learn more!

The benefits
Physical exercises help stimulate the muscles of the pregnant woman and the cardiorespiratory system, causing the body to become more prepared for changes. "Regular activity throughout pregnancy will give the woman more breathing resistance, increase the self-control to the stressful situation she will face during childbirth and allow weight control", explains gynecologist and obstetrician, Denise Coimbra. Mommy overweight and other risk factors, like high blood pressure and diabetes, should lead to exercise even more seriously, not to harm the baby or aggravate health problems.

The most indicated activities are those that do not have high impact on the body. Walking, yoga and relaxation are perfect, especially for those who are not used to an exercise routine. "The light walk is always a good choice, even for pregnant women who started the habit of physical activity during pregnancy, " advises the doctor. For women attending gym before pregnancy, you need to take a maneirada and avoid activities with much weight or have squat.'s important to remember that any exercise should be accompanied by a professional and woman need to seek differentiated training. "There are plans appropriate exercises for pregnant women with breathing techniques and stretches that help welfare maintain fitness and reduce the chances of illness during pregnancy, "says the manager of Acqua Academy, Leonardo Nestal.

Most women can do exercises during pregnancy. However, those suffering with threats of miscarriage or premature birth risk should slow down activities. "In addition, in cases of pregnancy with twins attention must be paid and the woman need, necessarily, a special monitoring throughout the period, " concludes Denise.

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