PrimaDonna Lingerie Guide: Shapewear

August 26, 2013 – 14:10

Bias 1: The shapewear is for grandmothers

Do you have in mind the image of your grandmother in a typical flesh-colored corset?Forget it.Because shapewear today is for all women who dream of a figure with perfect curves.So also for young women who value both comfort and fashion.

Prejudice 2: The shapewear is not sexy

Delicate materials,frivolous lace,playful details,elaborate embroidery ... At PrimaDonna,we use our expertise and our good taste to create real pearls.Such a feminine and attractive that it's almost a sin to hide it under his clothes underwear ...

Prejudice 3: The shapewear is not comfortable

The shapewear must provide support and firmness.We believe it can do it all without compromising comfort. Therefore PrimaDonna attaches great importance to the design and selection of materials for its shapewear.

Prejudice 4: shapewear always has the same look

The range of shapewear continues to expand!Bodies,corrective panties,dresses sheathing,body shapers ... In black and nude colors but also in trendy colors more vivid.There is something for all shapes and all tastes.Hard to believe?So take a look at this overview of our shapewear .

Prejudge 5: The shapewear is hard to find in large sizes

Collection Pearl PrimaDonna offers shapers and panties corrective body to size 52.Other series also have sheathing models up to size 48.Our bodies are generally up to F cup size and the largest breasts,we recommend a body without caps it suffices to combine her favorite bra.The thin ideal for all curves without affecting the breast support.

Curious to see for yourself what shapewear can do for you? Get advice from a real expert. Find here a lingerie shop in your area .


Body Wrap Ivory The Strapless Pin Up with Moulded Cups Bodysuit XL
Apparel ()
  • Ivory comfy bodysuit with adjustable should straps
  • Molded and underwired for perfect bust support
  • Seamless design gives a smoothing silhouette
  • Elegantly detailed with printed lace
  • Perfect for a strapless bridal dress!

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Again really.. a debate YAY

1. not all girls wear makeup. so therefore they have to rely on their personality (if they have one) if they dont, they have to come up with something else.
guys have clothes. if a guy even dresses good, he'll get a secong look from me.
2. guys also have girdles, heels, body shapers.. its called crossdressing. and there are heels on your boots (for the most part) and on most dress shoes. not high heels, but heels regardless.
3.girls also need to take care of their hair, body, teeth, skin, smell, shoes, clothes. do you realize how paranoid and whatnot girls are? Yes, we like the strong type guy

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Body Wrap Shapewear White The Catwalk High-Waist Long Leg Panty Small/8 US
Apparel ()
  • White long leg seamless panty with figure flattering and curves enhancing effect
  • Create a perfect shape and control for your stomach, derriere and thighs
  • Decorated with elegant printed lace
  • Time to look sexy and perfect!
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Discount girdle, girdles, shaper, Body shapers for women
Discount girdle, girdles, shaper, Body shapers for women

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