Wholesale body shaper slim patch Extra Strong Weight Lose Diet Slimming Patch facial beauty, $ 0.14/Piece

August 26, 2013 – 17:36

Body Shaper Slim Patch Extra Strong Weight Lose Diet Slimming Patch Beauty Face Beauty Lady Hot selling slimming shaper Patch Patch Slim Body Lose Weight Diet


Ingredients: mint,resin,phytoncid,natural mineral powder,natural essential oils fezes princípio da folha transparente é usar a motilidade gastrointestinal natural,com a ajuda do corpo para eliminar o desperdício residual,o papel pode ajudar o estômago,o resíduo corpo do velho será excretada naturalmente para reduzir a carga,o efeito da modificação do corpo,e sem quaisquer efeitos secundários,é o mais seguro ajudante de emagrecimento rápido bom. Product description: the transparent sheet feces principle is to use the natural gastrointestinal motility,with the help of the body to eliminate the residual waste,paper can help the stomach,the residue of the old body is naturally excreted to reduce the load,the effect of body modification,and without any side effects,is the most secure rapid slimming good helper. diariamente um,não devem ser colocados mais de três horas de cada vez,a folha directamente ligado à região da barriga cheia,utilizar,se a dor abdominal,sensação de desmaio,ou parte inferior do corpo,com uma sensação de comichão ligeira,isto é uma desintoxicação normal. Use: a daily,should not be placed more than three hours at a time,the sheet directly on the belly region full use if abdominal pain,faintness,or lower body,with a slight itching sensation ,this is a normal detoxification. Note: skin abnormalities or the use of the phenomenon of skin irritation,please stop using it imediatamente.Não put foil placed in 40 degrees of calor.As pregnant women,the elderly,children should not be usados.Hipertireoidismo or patients with low-Do not use. Package: 1 bag = 10pcsUsage: Externo.Este product is a check directly affixed Shenque Point (navel).Body Shaper Slim Patch Extra Strong Weight Lose Diet Slimming Patch Beauty Face Storage: closed,dark,cool and dry place for storage. Valid Period: 36 months During the day,when people in exercise when the body cells are very active at this time whether drugs or other methods are difficult to break down the fat,the medicine in general,but has reduced oil suspension in the gut wall,for The inert fat nor would it have any effect at all,and when the person to sleep at night,the cell has entered dormancy,which is precisely the best time to lose weight,but also the most effective! Only take advantage of dormant cells,removal Full two layers of intestinal fat layer inert oil to best fines.

A new a new slimming product slimming thin paste every night and put the navel sleep drug delivery,pharmaceutical active ingredients enter the body 100 percent,on the one hand against the layer of fat inert soon as a cake cutting,as well as the quality of Micronesia inert fat layer into a spin-off of a small piece of fat,then these small pieces of fat burning Express dissolvido.Por other hand,drugs active ingredients will break down firmly in grip the intestinal wall intestinal oil.

Body Shaper Slim Patch Extra Strong Weight Lose Diet Slimming Patch Beauty Face Body Shaper Slim Patch Extra Strong Weight Lose Diet Slimming Patch Beauty Face

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  • Avatar Ebnrjn21 What do you think of the Kymaro body shaper?
    Feb 10, 2010 by Ebnrjn21 | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

    I just ordered the Kymaro body shaper, two of the tops and the shorts. I went by the their size chart and got a 2 top and a 4 short. I was wondering what people thought of their Kymaro body shaper and how well it worked or didn't work. I am a slightly above average girl so i was wondering if it does work for slightly bigger women? All opinions welcomed thanks!

    • I know this probably wont be your ideal answer but...Yesterday I bought a Slim N Lift and it fits awfully. It is nothing like what the infomercial says anyways please let me know how your KBS works...that's probably gonna be my next stop.

  • Avatar xtinanders Has anyone out there tried the new kymaro body shaper?
    Dec 03, 2007 by xtinanders | Posted in Other - Skin & Body

    I saw the commercial on tv. Its very convincing! Im just wondering if anyones tried it and if it really works!

    • I just got it in the mail and since I'm short, the sizing chart that they give in order to get the right size, was not that accurate for me. The size I got was for a big and very tall woman, not just a big woman. It seems like it would work great if you order the right size. I think I'll just sell mine on ebay because I'd have to pay more shipping and handling fees for my right size if I exchanged it with the company.

  • Avatar Blazzzzin How can I get my breasts smaller without surgery or spending a lot of money?
    Jun 03, 2009 by Blazzzzin | Posted in Women's Health

    I have HUGE breasts and I hate them! I have always hated them. I can never find a good quality comfortable bra that fits and trying to find shirts that fit and look good? Forget it! Is there anything I can do to get them smaller? No surgeries and non-expensive. Please do not tell me to enjoy them blah blah....thanks

    • Since breast tissue is composed of mainly adipose tissue (fat), you will want to follow a plan to reduce your overall body fat levels. When you lose body fat, it will come off from all over your body including your breas …them in certain stores that carries them, or something like that, try them.
      Worst comes to worst, save enough money and go for the surgery. Or maybe you can convinced your insurance that you need it for your back.